In the many years on the market, we have always considered our customers' needs. We have developed many interesting products together with our customers, such as these Indicators with 6 light fields - useful if there's not enough space for two separate WSF 810 - lights.
This lamp is available in three versions:

FLASI WSF911 Signalleuchte 6-Leuchtfelder



The WSF 911 - signal lights:

This signal module is available for voltages of 115 or 230 VAC. The required power supply is included in the compact housing. The 115 or 230 VAC (depending on the desired type) can be connected directly to the corresponding faston terminals. The connections are not galvanically isolated.


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FLASI WSF 910 Signalleuchte 6-Leuchtfelder

The WSF 910 series:

These signal lights are available for voltages from 12 to 48 VDC. There are two versions - with common connector for 0 volts or each light field with its own plus and zero. Please specify when ordering.


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FLASI ABB-Deutschland Signalleuchte 6-Leuchtfelder


The module with 6 light panels, a circuit breaker and a flashing light field:

This product has been developed in collaboration with ABB. The aim was to show up to 6 Informations (one of these should also flash) and also to integrate a circuit breaker . For more information on this product please contact us.