The push-buttons of the WSF15 series are the ideal complement to the LED pilot lights of the same series. 

Pushbutton FLASI WSF15Due to their compact dimensions and their low mounting depth, they are ideal for a great number of applications.

The frames of these push-buttons are also equipped with our patented snap-in devices which make it possible to fit and remove these items from the front side of the panel. This makes it really easy, to fit or remove these push-buttons – in most cases without the necessity to open the housing where they are fitted into.

The push-button caps are available in various colours: red, yellow, green, blue or white.



The twin models of this type of push-buttons offer a variety of possible combinations. Pushbutton with signallight FLASI WSF 15The push-button cap can be had in red, yellow, green, blue or white and for the ill. screen, the full range of the colours offered for the WSF10 series is of course also available (red, yellow, green, orange, blue, white and bi-colour red-green and red-yellow). Standard supply voltages (for the LED ill. screen) are 12 and 24 V DC, but individual voltages (within certain limits) can be offered as well. If you need any further information on this kind of LED ill. push-button, do not hesitate to contact us. The push-button element is protected by a stroke limiting fixture, eliminating the possibility of being pushed through the panel, which is unfortunately quite often possible with conventional push-buttons.